April 29, 2022, 21:35

Work on Final Fantasy XVI is slowly coming to an end. We have new information on the upcoming Square Enix game — including a hopefully release date — later this spring.

It will be six years since the premiere in November Final Fantasy XV. It’s true that this popular jRPG series is back in the meantime, even in the form of Remake of the cult “seven”but for the next full batch of the series from the company Square Enix We are still waiting. Since she was so glamorous Ads As of September 2020, we receive, unfortunately, very little information on this topic. Another part of them we had Four months ago, but the coronavirus pandemic frustrated the developer’s plans.

However, what is delayed does not escape. Producer Final Fantasy XVINaoki Yoshida, who once promised that the title would be announced in the spring of 2022, recently gave an interview to the magazine. Uniqlo Utah. One of his sayings suggests that The works on the 16th film “Vignal” are not only going well, but they are also nearing completion.

The developer also emphasized that one of the greatest strengths FFXVI – At least in his opinion – it would be A deeply addictive story. Her personality somewhat reflects the fact that fans Final Fantasy Adults as the series develops, so the story must live up to their new expectations.

I remind you of that FFXVI It will likely be released first on PlayStation 5, and later on PC only. However, it doesn’t look like it will happen sooner than at the end of 2022 – if not in 2023.

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