May 21, 2021, 19:57

An undisclosed version of Final Fantasy with a new PlayStation 5 exclusive? This was suggested by leaks from the ResetEra forum. Production will be revealed by Square Enix at this year’s E3.

There is a chance to come Another exclusive game to hit the PlayStation 5 console, This time out of the world Final Fantasy. How can we find out from the topic on ResetEra forumWhere the user’s statements were quoted under the pseudonym Navtra, in addition to the previously announced opinions Final Fantasy XVIAnd the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker And the Final Fantasy VII remake On PlayStation 5 we can expect something ?? Totally new. According to an informant, the game will be revealed on the Square Enix rendering during Upcoming E3 exhibition.

As you think Navra is, a new part of the brand Final Fantasy It wouldn’t be as large as, say, revision marked with a number sixteen Or the announced game for 2022 ForsbookHowever, what will be ?? The largest and most important of Final Fantasy World Or remaster. in addition to The author of the infusion also mentions the production of cross-genes from Eidos MontrealHowever, it doesn’t say much about it. Moreover, both acts have to be representatives of the RPG genre, not just fans Final Fantasy Teeth can be sharpened, but also Deus Exa.

Moderating the ResetEra forum ensures that Navtra has indeed reported leaks, which were later found to be correct. Furthermore it, The informant has made confirmed discoveries in the past about the PlayStation 5 console. Even if today’s news is not entirely certain, we won’t have to wait long for confirmation as the E3 Trade Show will be held from June 12-15.

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