Although the film appears to be merely a reconstruction of those moments, which ended up running away from a farmhouse in Sandringham, it is certainly an original proposition.

Pablo Larren, a simple Chilean dreamer, uses a distinctive blend of raw realism and poetic extravagance. He likes to put the camera close to the face, especially for actresses – to change the angles of view, lengthen the shots, as if breaking under the skin of the sensations of the heroes playing. Without too many words, from seemingly insignificant situations only that turn into a dream or a dream, it brings out a visual emotional intensity that less developed viewers take as a style. “Spencer” is the second expressive film of its kind, Larryn (“El Club”, “Ema”) dedicated to the transformation of a fragile but domineering woman forced to reinvent herself. As sophisticated as the movie “Jackie” in which the director discreetly portrayed Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the murdered US president, shortly after the attack in Dallas. In “Spencer”, Kristen Stewart’s face and silhouette catch the eye.

Spencer, monastery. Pablo Larren, prod. Great Britain, Germany, Chile, 111 minutes

Policy 45.2021 (3337) dated 02/11/2021; a poster. the first show. p.68

Original text title: “One Flew Over the King’s Nest”

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