ten Gasoline distribution crisis It puts Britain on alert. This means that many gas stations may be temporarily closed due to the inability to deliver gasoline. Ministers are considering the possibility of: call the army For the transportation of goods, as a temporary solution to supply chain problems affecting all sectors of the British economy. anyway There is no shortage of fuel in BritainThere are no drivers that can deliver this. dangerous no driver Heavy vehicles hit Great Britain’s exit from the European Union I COVID-19.

Don’t let the sign turn red

The sector has already warned. logo no Leave the gas tank for less than a quarter its capacity when the package is not in the vicinity. So I recommend it Gordon PalmerExecutive Director of the Petroleum Distributors Association. He called on vehicle owners not to let the sign turn red in the event of a “rare event” that forced the nearest gas station to close.

BP Esso has already announced that it has had to close some ports immediately because it cannot transport fuel across the country.

Hanna HooverThe UK retail manager said it was important for the government to understand “urgency of the situationAccording to a report by ITV News. He added that BP has “two-thirds of normal stock levels at gas stations that it needs to function properly” and that levels are “dropping rapidly”.

The government’s response to the gasoline distribution crisis

Asked about the possibility of a question military assistance Minister of Transport Young Grant He told the BBC: “I will look at every possibility, every avenue to do it. If we need to go into the army, we will.”

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ten Government Did she have it before? Rejected requests from the sector Make it more flexible Visa Rules For truck drivers to attract foreign workers to fill the shortage. Rod MackenzieThe Road Transport Association described the opposition to this policy as “government out of stalemate«. Shapps warned directly of shortages and impending disruptions in the supply chain.

shapes He said he would certainly not rule out a change in visa rules. However, he claims that by trying to “reduce” the problem of “cheaper European drivers” It will not solve the problem in the long run. Speaking to Sky News this morning, he called COVID-19 the “root cause”, pointing to similar problems in Germany and Poland. But he admitted there were “long-standing problems”.