It was one of the shortest matches in football history. When the judge whistled for the first time on September 5, two minutes later, the police and representatives of the sewage and epidemiological station entered the square. It turns out that the Brazilian ministry wanted to deport four Argentine players based on the Covid protocol.

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The case concerns four players who play for Premier League clubs. They are Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia (both Aston Villa) as well as Christian Romero and Gio Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur). They all testified that “in the past 14 days they have not been to the UK and therefore have not been placed in quarantine”. But the reality was completely different. Martinez and Buendia played 90 minutes in the Premier League match against Brentford (August 29), while Lo Celso and Romero played against FC Pacos de Ferreira in the European Conference League (August 26).

FIFA punished Brazil and Argentina. The countries have resumed that and the match will be repeated

A few weeks after the match, FIFA made its first decisions and imposed a fine on both federations. Brazil imposes a fine of 550,000 Swiss francs for violating order and security, as well as for breaching the meeting. On the other hand, Argentina will be fined 250 thousand Swiss francs for not fulfilling its obligations in terms of order and safety, preparation and participation in the match, and interruption.

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Brazil and Argentina appealed the FIFA decision. On Monday 9 May, further steps were taken regarding this engagement. We already know that the match will be played again. However, FIFA has not set a specific date for the 2022 World Cup qualifier match. However, the two federations will not escape sanctions. The statement said that the committee had upheld a fine of 50,000 zlotys for stopping the match. Swiss Franc.

Regarding the responsibilities and duties related to the World Cup qualifiers match, the Appeal Committee decided:

  • reduced to the amount of 250 thousand Swiss francs, a fine imposed on Brazil for violating order and security;
  • to the amount of 100,000 Swiss francs, a fine imposed on Argentina for failing to meet its obligations to prepare for and participate in the match.

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Brazil and Argentina are the top two teams in the CONMEBOL table. The two teams did not lose any of the 17 matches in the final stage of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar. The Brazilians are in first place with 45 points. The Argentines are six points behind their opponent.