There are many indications that FIFA could indeed be renamed into something else. The dispute does not appear to be on the way to a positive outcome.

One of the most notorious issues of the past month has been by far the feud between Electronic Arts and FIFA over the continued use of the common name. King I put three cents on it at this pointI have tried to rationalize what the whole issue really means and could have consequences. What is interesting – Competition never sleeps You will not wait for a solution.

And while it’s been relatively quiet lately, it seems like it’s far from happy to come to an agreement. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, EA FIFA Brand President David Jackson described the current state of the dispute as “bitter”. Most importantly, the guy claims it too Renaming won’t be a big dealThere are several options:

We’re not sure if we’ll go any further with FIFA as the name rights partner. FIFA has many players […] We see no reason to change this in the future.

You see, Electronic Arts seems relatively confident and convinced that “a name is just a name” and fans will likely continue to enjoy their favorite game, regardless of the title under it. EA Sports FC is approaching? There are many indications of that.