Electronic Arts did not joke about the possible abandonment of the name “FIFA” – the publisher has already submitted applications to register the new name. The situation suggests that the company may actually withdraw from the payment of FIFA.

Last week, Electronic Arts confirmed a very good start to FIFA 22 and at the same time The company mentioned the possibility of changing the name. However, it is no secret that EA and FIFA are about to negotiate a new deal so that the electronics can name their products FIFA 23, FIFA 24, etc.

For several days now, there have been many voices accordingly The words spoken by the EA are just an action that is supposed to reduce the potential huge amount The FIFA series has been a huge success in recent years, so FIFA needs a significant increase in producer and publisher to get a long-term license.

However, as you can see, EA has started a trademark that indicates that the company might actually pull out of developing more FIFA hits…or at least want to scare the federation.

According to the VGC Editorial Office FIFA may be renamed “EA Sports FC”, Because the publisher has initiated the appropriate actions.

EA Sports FC was registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office on 1 October, and three days later at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/fifa-could-be-rebranded-as-ea-sports-fc-trademark-applications-suggest/