FIFA 22 will debut at the end of the year, but at least EA Sports is not currently promoting the game and announcing any news. However, if the latest rumors are confirmed, developers can take care of one of the most anticipated features.

The first FIFA 22 trailer should appear during one of the conferences organized as part of E3, but we’ll have to wait until EA Play Live 22 for the detailed presentation. The situation may be very interesting, because Content creators can provide a career online.

The most important mode in the FIFA series for EA Sports is FIFA Ultimate Team, but the career is also very popular. Players are eager to create their own soccer players and then use them to conquer leagues. However, fans have long demanded the developers to expand the look of the game through online clashes.

exactly Information about “online career mode” appeared in the job description of the new employee (online software engineer, online software engineer):

“As an online software engineer, you will help build a network game development team – whether it’s in the online career mode, the end team, or major network systems and protocols.”

“We are looking for engineers who want to prototype and plan, add amazing new features to an existing and beloved game, and improve existing code.”

This news has literally woken up FIFA fans who think that the long-awaited feature may actually appear in FIFA 22. It was not for nothing that the comments popped up right away. EA will be interested in a “game changer” that will allow the series to achieve a new quality. We have to wait for the information to be confirmed, but there are many indications that EA wants to meet the expectations of the community.

It is worth remembering that FIFA 22 recently lost another teamBut FIFA Ultimate Team earns more and more.

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