Ferrari successfully entered the 2022 season. The Italians announced that they would not rush to fix the F1-75 because they had to get to know it well first. Meanwhile, new items for the Italian machine are currently being produced.

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Charles Leclerc

Press materials / Pirelli Media / Pictured: Charles Leclerc

Ferrari started the 2022 season with a strong tone, and in Bahrain Charles Leclerc enjoyed the victory, while in Saudi Arabia the driver from Monaco finished second after a fierce battle. The Italian team has confirmed that for the time being it will not make any corrections to the F1-75 model, as it needs to better understand its workings. But it seems that Maranello’s side was disingenuous.

According to Italian Motorsport results, we will see some updates in the cars of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz at the upcoming Australian Grand Prix. A larger package of changes will be introduced on the occasion of the Emilia Romagna GP at Imola in the second half of April.

Ferrari, like other F1 teams, is planning to reduce the design of its mechanism. Installing lighter parts is to reduce the weight of the vehicle by more than 3 kg. Engineers are also working on improving the car’s aerodynamics. The goal is to reduce drag so that Leclerc and Sainz have a top speed close to Red Bull Racing on the straights.

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A second package of major changes will be ready for the Spanish Grand Prix in late May. In this case, the Italians introduce corrections that will reduce the car’s tightness, although Ferrari does not have such problems with this phenomenon, for example, Mercedes.

Italian sources also provided bad news for Ferrari’s rivals. The team is now expected to collect data on the new powertrain that is significantly improved compared to the engine used in 2021. The information collected so far is very promising and the Italians should be ready to unleash more power from the machine. This could happen on the occasion of the Miami GP in May.

All changes are aimed at helping Ferrari regain the championship title. At Maranello, they already know that for the first time in years they not only have a very powerful car, but also a reliable driver. Leclerc is currently top of the F1 standings with 45 points on his account. The second is Sainz with 33 “stitches”.

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