The Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that Russia is bringing people from annexed Crimea to the cities it has occupied in southern Ukraine, who are supposed to show the alleged happiness to Ukrainians upon the arrival of Russian troops.

In the southern part The disguises are starting to drive around Ukraine – said in the video posted on YouTube, advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Vadim Denisenko.

According to him, Russia sent several buses to southern Ukraine with alleged residents of Kherson, Melitopol and other cities that are now under its control. He added that these people will show the joy of the arrival of the Russian forces.

As Denisenko pointed out, for example, a car with groceries came to Melitopol on Thursday, A queue of 50-60 people was formed and photos were taken to show how happy the so-called city dwellers were. – And in fact the Crimeans came there – and how to thank the Ruthenians for ‘rescuing them from the Ukrainian Military Council’. The situation will be the same now in Kherson and other cities Cautious.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Russians did not find traitors among the Ukrainians. They failed to find traitors, who ask the Russians to serve them some food and smile at them happily. Therefore, they are forced to bring this disguisewho show that they are supposed to be Ukrainians and that they are happy with the arrival of the Russians He said.

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We know it’s a lie, and the whole world will know it – said the representative of the Ministry of the Interior.