The OGAE Poll, an annual poll in which the national chapters of the Eurovision Song Contest elect their favorite national chapters. We present the votes made by the Polish club. Who will succeed in Eurovision 2022?

The rules of the OGAE survey organization are very simple. Each of the local chapters of the OGAE, the Eurovision Song Contest Lovers Association, allocates its points on the Eurovision scale (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1). On the other hand, it is obtained on the basis of a vote of the members of the association in a particular country. OGAE’s local affiliates have revealed their ratings since the beginning of April. The referendum final is scheduled for April 29, so the day before the start of training for Eurovision 2022 in Turin. It’s time to present the results of the OGAE Polska vote.

Christian Ochmann (Eurovision 2022, Poland) with the best result in the OGAE poll. photo / Sławomir Kuchański

OGAE Poll: Sweden is the preferred candidate for OGAE Poland

Poland as the twenty-third cast its votes in the OGAE 2022 poll. Participated in the vote 200 Persons, i.e. 72% of the members of the OGAE Polska Eurovision Association of Song Contest Enthusiasts. Cornelia Jakobs ze scored the most points, reaching 1011 Sweden And got 12 points from Poland. won second place Spain With 899 points, he came in third place Holland With a score of 789 points. It came fourth with a total of 725 points Italiai.e. the current leaders of the OGAE poll.

The following countries with the highest scores are: France (602), Albania (564), Serbia (552), leaked Britain (496) i Ukraine (440). Two songs tied for 10th with a total of 427 points, but the priority was decided by more people who voted for it. Portugal. Thus Austria remained in eleventh place, and Lithuania and Greece were very close to the top ten – both were 14 points lower than both. The full score from Poland is as follows:

Eurovision 2022, Cornelia Jacobs / Sweden / Photo: SVT
Eurovision 2022 / Cornelia Jacobs / Sweden / Photo: SVT

Songs from Norway, Estonia, Cyprus and the Czech Republic crossed the 300-point threshold, Finland and Belgium scored above 200 points, and Australia and Romania scored just under 200 points. Followed by: Armenia, Montenegro, Iceland, Israel, Croatia, Ireland, Germany, Malta, North Macedonia, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, San Marino and Georgia. Lowest supported in OGAE by: Slovenia (50), Moldova (40), Latvia (40), Denmark (31) and Bulgaria (21).

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Eurovision 2022: Who is the fans’ favorite?

After adding points from Poland, they are still on top Italiawho have 217 points already in their account. It remains in second place SwedenBut only 3 points behind the leaderboard. the third also SpainGreat Britain and the Netherlands still complete the top five. Christian Ochmann With a score of 87 points is located on Sixth place. After 23 countries voted The table looks like this:

  1. Italy: Mahmoud and Blanco – privide – 217 points
  2. Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs – hold me close – 214 points
  3. Spain: Chanel – Slovakia Mo – 158 points
  4. United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – Space man – 109 points
  5. Netherlands: S10 – Depate – 107 points
  6. Poland: Christian Uchmann – river – 87 points
  7. France: two thousand and one hundred – Volyn – 69 points
  8. Norway: Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana – 64 points
  9. Albania: Ronella Hajati – Secret – 58 points
  10. Cyprus: Andromache – But – 41 points
Eurovision 2022, favorite, Christian Ochmann
Eurovision 2022 – in the photo the favorites of the competition: Mahmoud and Blanco (Italy), Christian Oschmann (Poland), Chanel (Spain). / . photo

OGAE Polska – Find out more

The history of OGAE Polska dates back to 2004, when a group of Eurovision fans from Olsztyn decided to join. In May 2004, the fan club seed acquired the right to use the OGAE name. As a result, we have been operating as a registry association since 2011.

We created it to share our passion for it Eurovision Song Contest. We watch it together, comment on it, write about it, and ride it together. We have Eurovision in our hearts, which is why we also care about popularizing it. It’s more than just an international competition for us!

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If you also like Eurovision – join us! The form can be found on the main page of our portal.

There are many activities at OGAE Polska, thanks to which you can realize yourself: participation in the creation of the site, activity in the leisure or scientific department, or the organization of meetings and events. Together, we select Polish representatives in the online competitions OGAE Second Chance Contest, OGAE Song Contest and OGAE Video Contest, meet competition fans from other countries, and above all – every year we get excited about our beloved Eurovision!

OGAE Polska: official logo / Photo:

OGAE Poll – A few words about the poll

For the first time, Eurovision fans associated with OGAE have chosen their favorite in 2002. In 2007-2019, the referendum was held regularly between March and May. In 2020, due to the pandemic and the cancellation of Eurovision, the initiative was replaced by the OGAE Eurovision Fan Contest.

So far, Eurovision fans They accurately predicted the future winner of the competition five times. This was the case in 2007, 2009, 2012-2013 and 2018. The latest version of the OGAE referendum was won by Saucepan with track JMi Cas. Although the Maltese actress won the first semi-final of Eurovision, she finished the competition in seventh place. I got second place in the poll Switzerland (3rd in Eurovision 2021 Final), 3rd France (finally the second). Poland has never been at the top of the rankings, and a year ago, Polish representative, Rafai Brzezowski, did not receive a single point in the OGAE poll.

Eurovision 2022, Turin
Eurovision 2022 will be held in Turin. / Photo:

Eurovision 2022: What do we know?

Eurovision 2022 will be held on May 10, 12 and 14, 2022. The site at the foot of the Alps was chosen as the show’s organizer Turin. Concerts will be held in the hall Bala AlbiturWhich hosted ice hockey matches during the 2006 Winter Olympics. This year’s competition theme will be beauty voice. The European Broadcasting Union also introduced a new logo and visual identification for the competition, and will host the event Laura Puccini, Mica and Alessandro Cattelan.

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We’ll see actors in the competition 40 countries – including Poland, which will perform in the second half of the second semi-final. Although the list of countries was initially larger, after the Russian aggression against Ukraine, The European Broadcasting Union has excluded the Russians from participating in Eurovision 2022. They return to competition rate after the break Armenia and Montenegro. As a result, in the semi-finals we will hear a total of 35 proposals, and in the final only 25.

Eurovision 2022, Turin
Eurovision 2022 will be held in Turin. / Photo: