The Come Dancing audience has been left furious after revealing their final four husbands.

Semi-final hit BBC One Show It aired over the weekend but was guaranteed a couple wouldn’t make it to the final.

Unfortunately it was revealed on Sunday night Good morning Britain Superstar Ranveer Singh and his professional partner, Giovanni Bernice, will be out of the competition.

The strict final will be broadcast on Saturday with Bill Bailey, Hervey, Macy Smith and Jimmy Ling all making it to the final.

But viewers discovered a problem between the final four after the semi-final dance.

Made In Chelsea star Ranveer confronts Jimmy in an attempt to continue the race for the glittering Ball Trophy.

However, fans of the series noted that this is the first time Ranveer has been in the bottom of the two spots – compared to Jamie’s close four exits.

And they were not happy.

The last four

One wrote: “My mood, knowing that we were robbed by Ranveer and Giovanni in the final # precisely although Jimmy and Karen were in second place four times.”

Another said, “I think I am hinting at some bias in the jury. Personally, I think Ranveer deserves the final.”

A third added: “You have to be kidding me # Blatant favoritism from the referees to get Jimmy in the final, and for any good reason? Angry at Ranveer who danced the waltz perfectly.”

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Furious Fourth: “# Accurately after 15 years of strict watching, I’m not going to watch the Final this year. It was pretty clear that Jimmy should have been left out. Absolutely shame on you!”

Another caption read, “I’m sorry but Ranveer was wearing. How the hell is Jimmy in the final when he was second for more than half of the series ?! # Accurately.”

But others defended the place of Jimmy and his supporting partner Karen in the final.

They missed a place in the final

One wrote, “An unpopular opinion but Ranveer makes me bored as a dancer, so glad Jimmy made it to the final.”

Another argued, “Jimmy was never at the bottom of the leaderboard. Let that sink in. He deserves his place in the final. He’s a strict embodiment: starting out as an amateur, going on a nice ride, turning into a dancer. I admire his determination and Karen.”

A third added, “Jimmy deserved the final. That last dance was absolutely amazing. The justice served fully and deserves #disely.”

Fourth commented, “I think the right four are in the final! It’s going to be so fun with Jimmy there! Imagine the dance energy of the show !!! # Accurately.”

The Strictly Come Dancing Final airs Saturday (December 19) at 6 PM on BBC One.