On Sunday, May 15, Georgian jurors released a notarized document sent to the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest, which reports on other voting results.. According to the data published on the competition website, the highest score from Georgia, i.e. 12 points, went to Great Britain, and Ukraine got only 6 points. How was the truth?

Ukraine got 6 points instead of Georgia’s 12

The Georgian Public Broadcasting Corporation stated in its statement that the Georgian jury awarded the Ukrainians the highest score – 12 points. Now they are trying to clear misunderstandings with the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest.

A similar situation is happening in Azerbaijan. During the announcement of the results on the air, it was announced that the UK had 12 points from this country, and Ukraine – as in the case of the rating from Georgia – 6 points. However, shortly after the competition was over, Azerbaijan TV President Nermin Salmanova stated that the results schedule was wrong.

Eurovision 2022. Countries report errors

The presenter of the program emphasized that Azerbaijan awarded Ukraine, and not Great Britain, 12 points. She added that the station did not encounter technical problems with the transmission while the results were announced. According to Salmanova, proceedings in this case have already begun.

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