On the night of April 17, the camera captured the night sky over Maunakea, Hawaii Unusual rotating objectwho crossed the heavens. The material comes from Subaru Asahi Star Camera – It is a popularization project implemented with the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. The design provides an uninterrupted vivid image of the night sky, so that everyone can enjoy the unique starry scenery above Hawaii.

A mysterious whirlwind appears in the recording It flies across the night sky and slowly fades into the horizon. Two streaks of light rotate and a bright blue object appears in the middle.

The telescope team soon reported the possibility of an unusual vortex The second stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX It took off on April 17 (mission NROL-85) from Vandenberg Space Station in California. The first part of the Falcon 9 rocket was returned to Earth for reuse.

The second part in turn takes the charge into orbit. This part is a one-time part of the missile system. It is constructed in such a way that after the payload is transferred into orbit, it returns to enter the Earth’s atmosphere above the ocean. Treatment aims Reducing space waste. In addition, a piece of the rocket burns up in the atmosphere. If not, potential debris will fall into it Ocean.

Dr. Marco Langbroek believes that the spiral shape is often visible when Falcon 9 launches propellant.

The telescope maintenance team noticed this These opinions may start to repeat themselvesAs Falcon 9 launches are becoming more and more popular.

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