Facebook has launched a Climate Information Center in many countries around the world, and in the United Kingdom it has begun putting up experimental information banners with a link to verified climate data.

It will be available on the company’s website called Climate Science Information Center.

Writes The German WaveDisinformation about climate change is nothing new. However, its spread has accelerated in the digital world.

“Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are among the most important sources of information today.” – said DW Markus Beckedahl, editor-in-chief of Netzpolitik, a German platform that supports the right to freedom in the digital world.

He added that these companies have a monopoly and decide how people obtain information, communicate and what public debate looks like.

“This is because they have a huge responsibility.” DW has been added.

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So, in the UK, Facebook will include short corrective information about posts with misleading messages about climate change. It would be, for example, that information 97 percent. The scientific community agrees that climate change is real and caused by humans.

Facebook’s new efforts could help counter the politicization and polarization of climate change
The opinions of the participants in the discussion.

To counter disinformation, the social media site will use psychologists’ knowledge in the best way to refute false facts. Therefore, he will not repeat myths to expose their falsehood, because according to the knowledge of psychologists, such a method helps to remember myths, and not the arguments that refute them.

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If the project is successful in the UK, gradually more countries will be involved.

However, as DW Markus Beckedahl said, these measures are fine, but they have come too late for many years. In his view, social media has done little to combat disinformation over the years. On the contrary, their business model relies on collecting data and selling personalized ads that make people believe in their beliefs.

300 economics has also written about it here.

The expert also added that it could help combat disinformation if the tech giants agree to give independent scientists and government agencies access to their internal data. With their help, they can better understand how disinformation and climate myths spread and how they affect society and our planet.

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