Facebook launched its dating feature to rival existing apps like Tinder.

The social networking site Facebook The dating will appear on the mobile app and social network website for users in the UK and Europe from Wednesday.

It will allow people to explore potential romantic relationships with users who are interested in the same groups and events as them.

The in-app feature is already available in the United States and 19 other countries

Daters can share to Facebook, Instagram A spokesperson said the stories are for their profiles to give potential matches a better idea of ​​who they are and how they live their lives.

The Secret Like feature allows users to select current Facebook and Instagram friends they might want to date – but this will only happen if the two parties match – otherwise the identification remains anonymous.

Pic: facebook
Includes a “secret like” feature. Pic: facebook

Once the spouses have matched, as is the case with traditional dating apps, they can initiate an instant messaging conversation.

But the result Corona Virus A global pandemic, Facebook has also included a video chat feature, giving people the option of a “virtual date” if the restrictions mean it’s hard for them to meet in person.

Pic: facebook
Common interests, groups, and events will help bring the data together. Pic: facebook

The social network added that the privacy settings will allow the data data to hide their nickname and block and report inappropriate users and content.

Facebook dating is already available in 20 countries – including the United States and Thailand – where 1.5 billion people match through this feature.

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