Microsoft has a few teams that develop great RPGs. However, players do not have to worry, because the company will make sure that each production offers its own unique atmosphere. Phil Spencer talked about Fable.

We couldn’t count on a presentation of Fable at this year’s E3, but Playground Games is still working on the title — we recently reported it The quality index of the game is Forza Horizon 5, which will launch this year.

In a few terms, Phil Spencer commented on the position’s position, who noted that the new team responsible for the brand will ensure that Fable does not lose its unique and lightweight character.

The head of the Xbox brand confirmed it Fable was “never” like, say, The Elder Scrolls, because the developers offered a different “a bit more British” atmosphere and that’s what we’ve come to expect from Playground Games.

However, the game takes time to appear for the first time Fable premiere before The Elder Scrolls 6 – You know? The Bethesda story is still in the design phase, so the start of the adventure will happen in a few years at the earliest.

However, it should be noted that besides Fable and The Elder Scrolls 6, there are also Avowed and Starfield. Xbox will receive at least eight RPG productions in the coming yearsCreated by Microsoft Studios or on behalf of this company.