July 4, 2021, 17:59

Phil Spencer gave a hint regarding the release date of Fable 4. The head of the Xbox brand also confirmed, in his opinion, that Playground Games will succeed in maintaining the light and fairy atmosphere of the series.

The head of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer, was a guest on the IGN Unlocked 500 podcast a few days ago (see video below). American He said It says a lot about the launch of the ninth generation of consoles, and also referred to the projects that the development teams of the Xbox Game Studios family are currently working on. One of these creations Fable 4 (or simply myth), or restart series of games An RPG by Lionhead Studios, created under the supervision of the folks at Playground Games. Spencer admitted that the movie’s premiere is still a long way off, but nevertheless offered a small hint about its history.

From his words (Rewind the movie to 37:37) Shows that the Fable 4 It will be posted before bedce in the design stage The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts. This doesn’t tell us much, because the successor release date Skyrim?? It is also not known, but it is worth bearing in mind that both productions were announced ?? straight in 2018 I 2020 Year ?? In the form of short CGI trailers. Both were also mentioned at the end of the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show, organized as part of this year’s E3, where we also learned that another Bethesda game, i.e. starfieldAnd the will debut November 22, 2022. It has long been known that TES VI Coming out after RPG in space, Which allows us to conclude that Fable 4 Between the two games, for example in early 2023 and 2024.

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We don’t know much about the upcoming Playground Games production mentioned above The trailer suggests a vision similar to the one we know from its predecessors. Phil Spencer emphasized that we cannot anticipate a dark fantasy climate that will dominate, for example, in I acknowledge Developed by Obsidian Entertainment (also owned by Xbox Game Studios).

myth has not been [mroczne – dop. red.]. The series has always been associated with some lightness and glamour; It can be described as “British”. I won’t reveal too much by saying that Playground Games will support this vision.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of “The Four”, waiting for it can make you more fun The main installments of the series so far and recently released Moina Play on PC, iOS and Android (On the latter a little longer). All you need is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible console, and memory of a fairy taleAnd the Myth II And the Myth III ?? In addition to many other titles?? Play Xbox Cloud Gaming from a browser as part of an open beta test.