Mercedes has already made a decision on the lineup for the 2022 season, but has not announced it to the world yet. There are many indications that George Russell will join the team. However, Lewis Hamilton prefers to keep watching Valtteri Bottas by his side.

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Lewis Hamilton

Press material / Mercedes / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton

Despite Formula 1’s return from vacation, Mercedes, unlike previous announcements, did not present the line-up for the 2022 season. After qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, Toto Wolff only surprised fans by announcing that the decision had indeed been made. made. According to many, this represented George Russell’s promotion to the German national team.

Toto Wolff will be stalling in announcing the transfer of George Russell because he wants Valtteri Bottas to secure a place at another F1 team. In the meantime, Lewis Hamilton wants to use this period to persuade the Mercedes leadership to continue working with the Finn. “I don’t see the need to change team partner,” Hamilton said in June.

In qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, Russell put in an impressive performance by finishing second. However, according to Hamilton, this does not change his judgment on the 2022 season, as the Mercedes captain, quoted by, said: “George has been doing a fantastic job throughout the year, so his qualifying result doesn’t change anything.”

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“I’m sure he is under pressure to give the best results to the team.” Same with Valtteri. Each of them wants to do the best job possible. It’s great to see him like this and hard to blame him for that,” added Hamilton.

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Hamilton still prefers Bottas to stay at Mercedes because he considers him “the best teammate of his career”. What does Russell say? Formula 1 is a ruthless sport. There are only 20 drivers at stake, and there is a much larger group of those out there in the world who deserve to drive in Formula 1 – commented the current Williams driver.

Regardless of the discussions about my contract, you must show what you can do at all times. You can’t take your foot off the gas pedal for a moment. If you do, another guy will appear and try to take your place. Russell concluded that you can never be complacent in Formula 1.

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