July 13, 2021, 09:12

F1 2021 is coming and the first reviews of the game have already appeared on the web. Judging by Metacritic’s posts, it looks like fans can sleep well.


  • The first reviews appeared F1 2021.
  • Critics praise the production for the excellent driving model and the exciting news.
  • Many reviewers think this is the best part of the series.

Formula 1 is going through another season that is changing dramatically due to the ongoing pandemic. Motorsports queen fans, who at least need a virtual return to normalcy, can enjoy the upcoming premiere F1 2021. The game has already received its first reviews and so far they have been very positive.

On Metacritic, the PC version of the game scored a score 85 points. PS5 and Xbox Series X release back-to-back 84 I 88 points. Fans should also be pleased that ratings based on previous generation console versions are at a similar level. So we do not deal with significant differences in quality between individual versions.

F1 Sample 2021 Reviews:

  • TheXboxHub?? 100/100
  • The surrounding area?? 95/100
  • PC Gamer?? 91/100
  • GamingBolt?? 90/100
  • God obsessed?? 90/100
  • dementia screen?? 90/100
  • XGN?? 85/100
  • IGN?? 80/100
  • PCGamesN?? 80/100
  • Shaknews?? 80/100
  • The Gamer?? 80/100
  • Hardcore player?? 70/100

Reviewers describe F1 2021 As the best part of the course. It contains the best elements of the previous parts that were developed correctly. The compliments are directed mainly towards the driving model, which is meant to be a perfect blend of simulation style and arcade style. The novelties provided by Codemasters were also appreciated. The Braking Point story mode would be a particularly good addition.

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All players will be able to test the title within three days. the first show F1 2021 It is scheduled for July 16.