Photo by KPP Zduńska Wola

Prevention of the district police headquarters in Zduńska Wola, youth. Polina Matisiak, visited public kindergarten No. 6 with the integration departments of Zduska Wola. I talked to the kids about moving safely on the road and being careful in everyday games.

During the meeting with preschool children, the officer spoke about the basic principles of safe behavior. I explained to the children how to move safely along the road, play at home and how to act in an emergency. There was a time to provide the youngest with advice on how to act in the event of a strange or dangerous dog. She reminded the children of basic traffic regulations, especially regarding crossing the road safely. With the use of pedestrian cars, children learned the rules that apply to pedestrians.

Learning through playing is the most enjoyable form of acquiring knowledge. I talked about the benefits of wearing reflective items. At the end of the meeting, all the children received such a thought. They were handed over to the Bouvat Police Command by the Regional Road Traffic Center – the regional branch of Sierradez to support preventive measures in the field of road safety. The children listened intently to what the policewoman was telling them, and asked them many questions. The culmination of the visit to the kindergarten was jointly with Commissioner Paesik. Many meetings of this kind are planned in the future, since road safety prevention is one of the priorities of the headquarters of Zduńska Wola

Source: KPP Zduńska Wola

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