The signing of the regulation was announced on the MEiN website.

“As of Monday, February 1 of this year, the current rules for the functioning of schools and institutions have been implemented. The solutions relating to the organization of distance learning in the school have changed, and the possibility of organizing the so-called model school exams in the school has been entered” – we read in the announcement on the Ministry’s website .

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According to the regulations, students in grades 1-3 of primary schools and children in preschool education will continue to study in accordance with the rules of the health system specified in the guidelines of the MEiN, the Ministry of Health and the Head of Health Inspection. .

Distance learning in grades four to eight

Students of grades four to eight of primary schools, primary schools for adults, post-primary schools, continuing education centers, vocational training centers, rehabilitation and education centers, children’s holiday homes, and school hostels, will continue to study at a distance, until February 14th. .

According to the regulation, from February 1, the school principal will be obligated to continue to organize classes or remote classes for students in grades four to eight and high schools who, due to the type of disability, cannot study at home. The director may arrange such activities for students who, for other reasons, cannot learn remotely from home.

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The Ministry of Education also informed that under the new regulation, it would be possible, in consultation with teachers, to organize tests to check students’ level of preparation for the eighth grade or the Matura exam, so-called mock exams by the school. “This solution was provided at the request of the school principals,” he stressed.

Unchanged solutions are reminded. For example, students of grades 1-3 of private elementary schools, including those who work in special educational and educational centers as well as healthcare and social care units, will continue their classes on a full-time basis.

Schools and institutions providing vocational training will be able to conduct practical training according to the sanitation system, in specific organizational conditions.

Managers are obligated to carry out sponsorship activities

It was indicated that primary school principals, including art schools, where general education is provided in the core curriculum, are required to provide sponsorship to students in grades 1-3.

According to information from the Department of Energy and Science, public and non-public holiday homes for children and school hostels will continue to close.

It was emphasized that school principals can still organize individual or small group consultations for pupils in the eighth and high school graduation classes.

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The principal of the school, center, or institution will be able to provide venues for holding competitions, Olympics or tournaments. The possibility of providing sports training has been kept steadily in the branches and schools of the sports championships.

On Thursday, the head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, presented the decision on the current restrictions. He said changes in the health system in relation to the coronavirus epidemic do not apply to education. “Here the situation remains unchanged. We still have full-time education in grades 1-3 in primary schools. However (regarding) all other levels of education, distance teaching applies to them,” – said Niedzielski.