Iga Świątek has been the world ranking leader for several months. The Polish woman won meeting after meeting. He played like a musical note, like an instrument. She can boast an impressive streak of 37 consecutive wins, which makes a huge impression. This is the greatest achievement of the 21st century and will not be exaggerated anymore, at least not at this point. Raszynianka died in an engagement with Alize Cornet.

Wimbledon 2022. Journalists evaluated the match between Iga vetik

The Frenchman is an experienced tennis player, and is currently 37th in the world rankings. So we can expect the 32-year-old to be able to break the stellar streak of our representative. Especially since Iga Świątek does not feel well on the surface of the lawn, which I have confirmed several times. The 21-year-old made a lot of easy mistakes, and she lacked more aggressiveness and risk-taking in actions.

In the end she lost 4: 6, 2: 6. Despite the defeat that resulted in the end of the sensational series, sports journalists and experts have a good opinion about the young Polish woman. “The winning streak of 37 is over so the next one can begin. Iga, this is just the beginning” – wrote Michał Kołodziejczyk, Canal + Sport Director.


In turn, Dominic Sinkowski of Sport.pl stated that Iga Świątek is still the best player in the world and that one losing game will not change that. “No one is a robot, and the Polish woman simply has room to develop in the coming years (grass). In addition to learning how to deal with fatigue.

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“It is a pity that the match ended with such a bad match as it is today. Because you could have a weaker day, you could lose, but what happened today is difficult to explain,” says Jakob Sjorin, journalist at Sport.pl.


On the other hand, Maciej Łuczak of Meczyki.pl sees Raszynianka’s meeting with Alize Cornet as the worst performance of a Polish woman in recent months. He also stated that such a moment must finally come. The journalist added on Twitter, “The irony is perhaps this defeat is the impetus for the second part of the season, because the number of consecutive victories and the level of dominance has been amazing lately.”


Okasz Jaczymak transmitted statistics against IGA Šviotec. The world ranking leader was wrong about strength. In total, she made as many as 33 unintentional errors, and her opponent only seven. big difference. “This is the end of the beautiful Iga’s winning streak (37). Only Navratilova, Graf, Kurt and Evert had longer lengths “- he added at the end.

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