Martina Derlat has warmed up to netizens once again. A professional bikini fitness contestant has posted pictures on social media that clearly show her figure.


Instagram / / Martina Derlat

Martina Derlat decided to present her current form to the masses. On her Instagram, there are some pictures in a bikini.

The competitor appears in different poses, thanks to which Internet users can see almost all parts of her muscles. You can see extended legs, muscular stomach and great arms (see below, to go to the next photos, press the gray arrow on the right).

Next to her photos, Derlat wrote, “Giving up is easy, but giving up isn’t what leads us to the finish line. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.”

What do the fans say? In the comments section, there are practically only positive entries. “Awesome”, “beautiful”, “you look great” – you can read.

Dirlat is a professional swimmer in the bikini fitness class, often competing in UK competitions. Additionally, she is a personal trainer and coaches women to stand before judges.

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