The Polish national team played its first official match on March 14, 2011 in the 5th World Championships in Sofia. Then they defeated Ireland 23:0. The hundredth match – 1:7 with Norway – ended the final stage of the November Olympic qualifiers in Chumoto, Czech Republic. The striker, who currently plays for Slovakian ZHK Poprad, made the list of shooters in both appearances.

“I have been through several different sports during my life. However, I was excluded from volleyball because of my low height and gender, from baseball, because the classes at Jastrzębie Zdrój, where I came from, were only for young children. WF I attended skating lessons with the class at a modern ice rink. There we cheered for local teams, and then I met some other girls who wanted to try their hand at ice hockey. Coach Marek Kozyra took us here, and this is how the history of women’s hockey began in Jastrzepi, as well as mine, ”- Kazarnica told PAP.

I assessed that the beginnings of the adventure with hockey were difficult.

“Each of us learned everything from scratch. The exercises were without locker rooms, after nine in the evening, with little equipment, wooden sticks for boys …” – the 32-year-old country representative mentioned this inconvenience.

He plays hockey exactly half his life.

“My parents have supported me, as always. They are accustomed to my original ideas, because I am from the happy generation. children On a clothes horse and always in motion “- she recalls.

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As I explained, the female form of hockey, despite slightly different regulations, is still a contact sport.

“With proper motor preparation, proper bioregeneration, and cooperation with my physiotherapists, I can – move – maintain a high level and avoid serious injuries,” she added, smiling.

Aside from the ice, former hockey player Joanna Detmer-Walasinska takes care of her case.

“Physiotherapists Dominika Maciaszczyk and Anna Błażejewska, who are associated with football, but they took me out of micro-injuries and taught me how to take care of my body, also made a huge contribution. I think that at my age it is more important than snow training “- she indicated.

She emphasized that the moments of frustration were not caused by training, but rather by hockey treatment Poland And lower financial expenses for this specialty.

“It’s still an amateur sport, so there’s many times the idea of ​​how to reconcile everyday life and that passion,” she said.

Czarnecka was invited to train the staff immediately after the creation of the women’s team PZHL.

W 2011 the acting For the first time in a world championship and I’m with her from the start. She has played in every official match in Polish women’s hockey history. Because of the drama, I remember the match against Great Britain in the 2016 Division IIA World Cup in Bled, Slovenia. It is true that we lost by one goal (1: 2), but the table arrangement gave us first place and promotion to the higher group ”- she stated.

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She admitted that the 100th match also had a charm, because the stands were busy, among other things parentsThe atmosphere created by the fans and the goal they scored allowed us to enjoy the historic achievement.

In her opinion, women’s hockey in Poland turned out to be a plus for 10 years.

“We started from 37th in the standings, now we are 19. We have a youth team, more girls are keen on hockey. We play more aggressively, faster, more tactical. We are also aware of our skills and are more confident in playing on the ice. .that we have a lot of our fans.” And that we are treated as players, “- she said.

She made no secret of the fact that it is still an amateur sport in the country and it is impossible to make a living doing it.

“The decision to play for Poprad was out of a desire to take on a challenge, to try to be strong in a stronger league. It turned out to be a plus, unfortunately now the pandemic is hampering the other game. It’s good that there are performances in the Women’s European Hockey League”- she added.

The national team has been present at the EWHL for three years, currently under the name Silesian Metropolis Katowice.

Ice hockey players play in helmets with bars covering their faces, but they still take care of their makeup.

“It’s important to look good after the game, in keeping with hockey traditions, while the winning anthem is played,” she explained.

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Chernika emphasized that she wanted to play hockey as long as possible and enjoy it.

“The choice of sports track was definitely good. It is the fastest team game in the world. Like any other sport, it shapes the character, but while playing hockey, I also met many wonderful places and wonderful people” – she summed up.