Unfortunately, Eurovision 2023 will not be held in Ukraine. So decided the European Broadcasting Union. Of course the blame lies with the Russian invasion.

What many Eurovision fans suspected happened. Ukraine will not organize Eurovision 2023. This is what the European Broadcasting Union has decided. The reason is security issues.

Eurovision 2023, unfortunately, not for Ukraine

Ukraine’s victory in the competition this year came as no surprise to anyone. The Ukrainians themselves were also aware of this. An example of this happened during an interview with a member of the Ukrainian jury. Apparently, anxious Ukrainian journalists wondered why the Ukrainian jury gave no point to Poland. Jurorka tried to defend herself by saying that it was a music contest, not a political one. Journalists asked her if she really believed their country owed its victory to music.

For similar reasons President Zelensky wanted to organize a competition in Mariupol in 2023. It is a tradition that the new Eurovision Song Contest is organized by the current winner. Everyone knew, however, that this was an idea… that’s hard to implement. Let’s ignore the fact that Ukraine should control Mariupol. But the city that hosts Eurovision should have a 10,000-seat auditorium, an international airport and at least 2,000 hotel rooms. And luxury hotels are not something that a city victim of Russian aggression urgently needs.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is exactly what worries the European Broadcasting Union. The European Broadcasting Union has set up a full working group to investigate the possibilities of organizing Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine. It also included Ukrainian activists. The local government also announced assistance in organizing the competition.

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Unfortunately, the EBU’s decision turned out to be unfavorable for Ukraine. For security reasons, the European Broadcasting Union decided not to organize the competition there. Great Britain came second in the last competition. Therefore, the European Broadcasting Union will negotiate with her on the regulation of Eurovision 2023. In any city? There were voices around Glasgow.

However, other countries expected this decision. Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden and Poland have announced the possibility of organizing Eurovision 2023 as an alternative to Ukraine.

However, EBU guarantees that The new host will also have to refer to Ukraine at art fairsThat should have held the next final.

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