A few days ago there was information TVP change the rules elections representative Eurovision Song Contest.

It is true that the Polish pre-selections will remain and 10 artists who previously announced their desire to sing in Turin will perform, but the decision on who will ultimately be the Polish candidate will be made by a jury and specific viewers.

The competition that will be held elections It will be held on February 19, 2022.

Now it’s announced Artist ListWho will participate? They are: Unmute (“Higher than a decibel”), Karolina Stanisławczyk and Toro Chica (“Move”), Emilia Dębska (Mila) (“All I Need”), Daria (“Paranoia”), Krystian Ochman (“River”), Lidia Kopania (“Why Does It Hurt”), Kuba Szmajkowski (“Lovesick”), Karolina Lizer (“Pure Water”), Sisters Szlachta (“Signposts”), Ania Byrcyn (“Where”).

None of them is Worda, who, before announcing the candidates, expressed her willingness to participate in the competition with her new song “Fake Love”. The singer hopes the organizers will turn a blind eye and let her sing.

This year’s Eurovision will be held in Turin on May 10, 12 and 14. First, there will be a semi-final on the top 20 songs. The winners will sing again in the final, where representatives of five countries will already wait, which will have a place each year. They are: Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany.