Eurovision 2022. The competition enthusiasts are being polled. More contest fan reviews have been posted. What does Christian Uchmann look like in the table?

Eurovision 2022 will take place in less than a month. While there is little time left until the finals of the competition, there are unexpected reports. The competition may have to be held without the representation of Israel.

Eurovision 2022. Fans choose their favorite competition

Comprehensive analyzes are also underway, Who has the best chance of winning this year. Like every year, Eurovision fans indicate their favorite.

The Eurovision Song Contest (OGAE) fans’ association has started its referendum. Each branch awards points to the candidates. He has a Eurovision scale from 1 to 12 at his disposal. The final results will be announced on April 29, but the first ranking for the competition has already been revealed.

OGAE indicates the favorites for Eurovision 2022. How is Krystian Ochman doing?

Norway was one of the last countries to score points. Christian Ochmann did not do well in the vote. He only scored one point, However, in the general table, the Polish singer performs much better.

At the top of the list are the event hosts – Italy with 81 points. Silver medal is awarded Sweden, which scored 74 points. Still in third place Spain with 60 points. Christian Ochmann’s song “River” Seventh place (28 points).And before them the national team of the Netherlands, Great Britain and France.

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Typing fans are basically entertaining, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. The first OGAE referendum was held in 2002, and Since then, the five-time winner of the competition has been precisely chosen by Eurovision fans.

Stream OGAE poll statistics It looks like this:

  1. Italy: Mahmoud and Blanco – Privede – 81 points
  2. Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs – Hold Me Closer – 74 points
  3. Spain: Chanel – Silomo – 60 points
  4. Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte – 39 points
  5. UK: Sam Ryder – Space Man – 37 pts
  6. France: Alffan and Ahiz – Volyn – 34 points
  7. Poland: Christian Uchmann – River – 28 points
  8. Cyprus: Andromache – AlUla – 23 points
  9. Albania: Runella Hajati – Secret – 20 points
  10. Norway: Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana – 19 points

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