Cornelia Jacobs is one of the top candidates for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Will the artist from Stockholm try to win the final victory and give Sweden the seventh win in history? Check what we know about her.

Fight for victory in Eurovision 66Which will be held from May 10-14 in Turin promises to be very exciting. Bookmakers have no doubts about it Sweden – Next to Italy, Spain and Great Britain – it’s one of the main favourites Eurovision 2022. This year this country will be represented in Scandinavia Cornelia Jacobs, 30 years old. What are her chances of a final victory? What do we know about her? You should check it out!

Cornelia Jacobs He was born on March 9, 1992 in Stockholm. She comes from a musical family – her father Jacob Samuel from poodle. She took her first steps on the vocal track in music in high school, and played in various rock bands. In 2008, she entered one of the best music schools in Sweden – Rytmus Musikergymnasiet.

In the same year, Jacobs tried her hand at the Swedish version of the show “Idol”. Unfortunately, the artist did not want to participate in the show. Moreover, the unfavorable opinions of the jurors – mainly from Anders Baggie – Cause Cornelia didn’t dare to play guitar for a decade. In the following years, she joined the girl duo Love Generation, who competed twice in the Swedish Eurovision qualifiers, i.e. melodivistivalin. But no luck. In 2020, her song “Weight of the World”, which was included on the soundtrack to the HBO Nordic series “City of the Bear”, was widely reverberated.

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Cornelia Jacobs waited until her 30th birthday for her huge success. In 2022, she won the 62nd cycle melodivistivalin, Thanks to this, she was elected to represent Sweden in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Turin. Interestingly, Anders Bage came second in the competition. The same person who criticized Jacobs on ‘Idol’ 14 years ago. Immediately after the results were announced, the musician apologized to the artist that he had not left a dry thread on her during the casting process.

winning track “Hold me closer” It immediately hit the Swedish charts and became one of the best-selling singles. According to the Eurovision Song Contest (OGAE) fan association, Sweden will take second place in Eurovision this year. Only the Italian duo should be better Mahmoud and Blanco. Will this happen? Before we know the answer to this question, let’s listen to the Swedish proposal for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest:

Sweden It is one of the most successful countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Terzi Koroni’s representatives have so far been happy with the final win six times. The last time was in 2015 when he was with the song “Heroes” win Mance Zelmerlo. In the past, they also enjoyed winning Lauren with the hit songtrance“(2012) or ABBA Team unforgettable hit”Waterloo(1974). Interestingly, the Swedes have not made a Grand Final only once – in the 60 years of the competition’s history. In 2010, there were no finalists Anna Bergendahl. In contrast, this Scandinavian country’s worst place in the latter area was last place in 1963 and 1977.

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