Eurovision 2022 is fast approaching. Bookmakers published their predictions about the results of the competition. How is Poland going in the statistics?

Eurovision 2022 will start on May 10. This year the competition will be held in Turin, Italy Thanks to Måneskin’s win last year. Fans of the competition await the semi-finals, on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Grand Final on Saturday. Poland will be represented by Christian Ochmann with the song “River”..

Eurovision 2022. Poland is the favourite? Bookmakers have no doubts

The artist will appear on stage in the second semi-finals of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. He will perform his strike on May 12th. Currently, Ochman is one of the favorites to win Will you already qualify for the finals?

Experts from STS, the largest bookmaker in Poland, Almost 100% sure that the Polish actor will qualify for the Grand Final. By betting on such a turn of events, we have no chance of a big win. Pessimists who assume a Polish failure can gain much more.

Eurovision 2022. What are Christian Ochmann’s chances of winning?

What is more, The Polish singer is also one of the favorites to win the Grand Final. The odds of ranking Krystian Ochman in the top ten are 1.50 (the lower the odds, the more likely an event will occur). He will be on the podium at 5.00.

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The favorites to win this year in the entire competition is Ukraine. The odds of victory for our eastern neighbor are 1.80. According to the bookmakers, they still have a good chance of victory Italia (session 5.50) and Sweden (session 6.50).

According to the bookmakers, at the Grand Final, we’ll likely hear the actors:

  • From the first semi-final: Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Albania, Armenia, Moldova, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania
  • From the second semi-final: Poland, Sweden, Serbia, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Cyprus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan,
  • As well as representatives of the “big five” countries, ie Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy (Hosts).