Raphael Brzuzovsky

Raphael Brzuzovsky

We know the results of Eurovision 2021. How did Europe rate Rafael Przuzovsky’s performance in the semi-finals?

The following qualified for the finals of the “Our” semi-final: Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, San Marino, Switzerland, Greece And Finland.

Poland The song, very graphic, based on maximum patents, was not recognized in Europe’s eyes. Not only to win, but to move forward you have to at least be innovative, or at least have an idea for yourself. Raphael Brzuzovsky lacked that.

Around midnight, we will see the jury and the audience award points, which many people consider the most exciting moment in the competition. Who will hear the most “ 12 pointsExperts point to Northern Europe: Sweden and Finland. Others talk about Portugal. Will this happen?

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Why don’t the Poles win the Eurovision?

Even now, words of appreciation are being directed at the hosts, in the time of Covid-19, the Netherlands staged a show that appeared to be as if there was no epidemic. But this, as we are convinced that there were not some winners who were supposed to perform – were prevented by a positive test result.

The finals will also include: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Cyprus, Norway, Belgium, Israel, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta.

This was the performance of the pole.