The final and semi-final of the European Championship 2020 are scheduled to take place at Wembley Stadium in London. However, it is not known if UEFA will face an obstacle in the form of coronavirus-related restrictions in the UK. The UK government has postponed the possible lifting of pandemic restrictions until June 19.

Most of the countries whose national teams are likely to reach the Euro 2020 semi-finals are currently on the UK government’s red or orange list, which means anyone coming to England from these countries will be quarantined. According to The Times, if the UK does not lift its restrictions, or does not exclude VIPs who will appear in matches, UEFA may have to move the competition elsewhere.

What if the British government did not lift the restrictions? UEFA has a plan

The decision on pandemic restrictions in the UK is expected on June 19, Saturday. if UEFA He decides to withdraw England’s right to host the semi-finals and finals, and the last three matches of the European Championship will be held in Budapest at Puskas Arena, the only stadium in which a whole group of fans (61,000) sat. in the stands during the tournament.

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