Since Italian fans cannot go to the match in London due to the spread of the delta virus in the UK and strict anti-epidemic regulations, the Romanian fan zone will become a kind of “add-on” to the stands at Wembley. Therefore, concerns have been expressed that there will be crowds larger than the entry limit for the central area of ​​Piazza del Popolo. 2500 people can enter. A thousand places have been furnished on Fori Imperiali Street in the Colosseum area.

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There are also many Spanish tourists in Rome, which also poses an additional risk for gatherings.

Therefore, the city authorities have drawn up an extraordinary action plan that will ensure safety and security, also from a health point of view, after the match is broadcast on a hot evening outdoors.

Significantly reinforced controls and patrols were announced in the capital. Entry to the designated area in front of the large screens will be possible only after pre-booking, which will end three hours before the match.

Law enforcement officials will also monitor points in the city throughout Tuesday, especially during events such as football matches. It is mainly the Spanish Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Campo de’ Fiori and the Trilosa Square in Trastevere.

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Strict checks of passengers departing for London have begun at Italian airports. The movement of fans on the road between Italy and Great Britain prevents the commitment to 10-day quarantine and costly tests. However, some will likely continue to try to get to London for a match or at least near the famous stadium.

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The media reported that there will be 6,400 Italian fans at Wembley, that is, those who live and work in Great Britain. Only they can buy tickets.

The game begins in London at 21:00. England will meet Denmark in the second semi-final on Wednesday, also at Wembley.