As Piotr Szumlewicz, journalist and president of Union Alternative tells us, From October, two or three billboards with the inscription “Drama in aviation. Surplus for employees, millions for managers” and drawings of animals – pigs and chickens will appear in the city space of Warsaw, Referring to George Orwell’s popular work “Animal Farm”.

Several companies (ArMedia, Citiboard Media, Solar Media, Be Media, Metromedia, Schulz Media, Visual Effect) bid to post billboards, as well as one person from Katowice.

In the coming months, the Association for Alternatives wants to raise billboards, among other things, on the topic of air transport pathology.

The outside companies didn’t want the union alternatives bulletin board

Let’s remember that the companies Ströer, AMS and Clear Channel refused to broadcast billboards. They argued the possibility of “legal doubts” and a “possible violation of the good morals and personal rights of third parties”.

– We are appalled by the positions of the advertising companies. We view this as discrimination and are considering legal action to address it. Recently we have seen advertising campaigns from pro-life constituencies in the streets and we have not seen any opposition from entities renting ad space. In our opinion, it is about protecting the interests of airlines and their CEOs associated with the ruling party – Piotr Szumlewicz commented on the portal

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