On the most important day, his father was by his side.

TV star Ricky Harris (59) was one of the cult speakers on Saturday 1 in 1999 and 2000 with his show “Ricky!”

Now his son Malik Harris (24) will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14. Ricky not only accompanied his son on the playing rounds of ESC, but also traveled with him to the final in Turin.

BILD met Malik and Ricky in Berlin for a double interview. You can say right away that the chemistry between them is correct. They are not only father and son, but also best friends.

Malik (right) inherited his musical talent from his father RickyPhoto: Peter Muller

Ricky: “Obviously I’ll see Malik in Turin. As long as she wants me to be there for concerts, I’m happy to be there. I’m like his father’s manager.”

Owner: We are very family. I prefer to play a concert when I know my family is there. We have a very close relationship. I’ve been playing in little bars for a long time – I felt – no one but my family. And now this. I perform it in front of millions, I want them to come back.”

Malik Harris won the qualifying round for the German national team with the song “Rockstars”.Photo: Alliance Image/EPA

Malik has a brother and sister. He lives in Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria). His father Ricky and his wife also live there.

Ricky: “I think it is important for a father to support his son, knowing that I am always there for him. For me Malik has already won the ESC title, he is my superstar. I would not be somewhat proud of what is standing. I believe in Malik and that he is. I will. He comes out on top. But even if my son doesn’t score any points, he’ll still be the winner!”

Malik also takes comfort from the competition: “I really like being on stage. It’s important to me. Of course I’d like to win, but even if I’m behind you, it wouldn’t change much. I don’t see ESC as a competition, for me it’s secondary, for me it’s an event.” It harmoniously connects the continent under one beautiful sign – music. ”

Ricky: “My neighbor told me: Your son has become the German champion, he has the title. We don’t know if he will become European champion, but even Bayern Munich cannot do that.”

Since Ricky is experienced in the show business and knows all the ups and downs, he can give his son a lot of advice. For example, about fans who want to be blessed with his fame.

Ricky: “A lot of women will come and introduce themselves to him, I know that. And there are already many people who come close to him. He has to be careful. You always have to keep a certain distance.”

Malik: I have a girlfriend and I’m in a healthy relationship. I’m not the type to deal with a fan. I don’t think of anything like that.”

In 2016, Ricky Harris was a candidate in the RTL jungle camp. How did Malik find his father’s performance?

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“At first I was skeptical, but I am finally proud. He overcame his fear of heights in the program and always remained the same.”

After the program ended, Ricky was unemployed

In 2000, the talk show “Ricky!” was interrupted. The broker lost his main source of income.

Was he having financial problems after the talk show? Ricky: I was unemployed. The station doesn’t care about me anymore. The show is over and who was there for me? Nobody! But I can live on bread and water. I want to protect my son from this. His mother, Gabe, takes care of his finances.

Malik Harris made a name for himself on his Saturday talk show 1

Ricky Harris became famous for his biting jokes on his Saturday talk show “Ricky!”Photo: German Select / Getty Images

Malik: “It was bad for me as a kid when we couldn’t go to my favorite restaurant because there was no money. But I was too young to understand it.”

Ricky’s problem: “I can sell anything through buy channels, but I find it hard to sell myself. I also think my money is too. I wish the owner would often refuse.”