England played slowly in the second half and allowed Poland to spread its wings. John Stones fell asleep in the defense, which allowed the Poles to equalize, and the goal was scored by Jakob Moder, the Brighton player. If Lewandowski plays, we will have a lot of problems. We avoided embarrassment thanks to Stones’ qualification, who helped Harry Maguire with a 2-1 goal.

The Daily Mail journalists who read several times confirmed that Robert Lewandowski was not on the Polish national team. I would be very disappointed not to take advantage of this. Once again, England’s success was ensured by the match’s set pieces. However, dangerously close to a tie, with the decisive blow goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny was not far from an effective defense.

The Poles made it difficult for England to complete the task in the second half, but ultimately three points went to Gareth Southgate’s side. John Stones, after making a 1-1 mistake, raised his hand in an apology. However, he showed his character and thanks to his sport he contributed to the final victory, indicating help. We can focus on the euro. In the first part of the match, the English controlled the ball and landed.

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