Although the times when we had the simplest products on smartphones are long gone and Currently, you can play AAA games on some devices, we still associate these devices with simpler addresses and something to kill boredom, something worth running during a break at work, or during a long toilet party. As you know – such items you can get with one hand.

There are already many species that respond to this request. The simplest example is the iconic snake, which you can easily hold while holding the phone with one hand. Today, however, I get the impression that a slightly different kind of situation is the ruler. There are addresses that simply allow us to avoid obstacles. As indicated in the title, It’s about endless runners.

Freely translated into Polish, these games will all be games based on endless equipment. The character moves forward / sideways automatically, and we just need to avoid obstacles (usually by changing the path left or right, jumping or rolling). There are a lot of examples, and I cToday I would like to introduce you to ten people that I personally consider to be the best!

Hugo Troll Race 2: Rush Rush

Let’s start with the simple and schematic assumption of infinite runners, which it was decided to load into a world that many of us probably remember from childhood. what the subject is about? Of course about Hugo! Troll Race 2 adds a slightly different form of fun, but the foundations are exactly what you’d expect. I don’t hear enough about the production itself, so I recommend trying it at least once.

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Alto Adventure

This title somehow deviates from the classic formula of going forward – we move to the right, so the only thing left is to avoid it by moving up and down. The task here is simple – we play the role of a shepherd, whose task is to catch all the llamas that are escaping around the area. It sounds simple, but it’s really fun. Moreover – the visual layer is great.

Jetpack Joyride

Again, a little break, because we have a side throw and only two ways to avoid obstacles – up or down. However, it all works amazingly well, and with a good enough smartphone (which is hard to achieve today), liquidity does the job. The production itself is addictive, and the desire to break new records can dictate the day’s cycle for most addicts.

Talking Tom’s Gold Run

Let’s go back to the standard assumptions – Talking Tom used to make quite a splash in the mobile game world, introducing us to something similar to Tamagotchi (with the nickname of a cat in the main role). Gold Run is a casual game similar to titles like Sonic Dash or Subway Surfers, which I will mention later. Production isn’t just for fans of the original – it can be lovable.

Temple Run 2

I remember when we were in high school on a chic trip to London, one of the greatest attractions for me was the chance to walk into an Apple Store near Westminster. There, on every iPhone 4S, the basic applications and one game – Temple Run – are installed. As funny as it may sound, it was a touch of the future for me. When I had the chance to play, I spent many hours there (in the game, not the Apple Store).

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Super Mario Run

Another small deviation from the norm, because here (as in the case of many previous ones) we are dealing with a lateral perspective. The production is really fun and of course based on the iconic scenes of Mario’s adventures. So if you want a little fun with a classic convention in the free version, this title should be given a chance. I am convinced you can have fun.

Minion Rush: Running Game

When Minions appeared in theaters a few years ago, they instantly won the hearts of millions of kids around the world. After a few days of performances, small yellow creatures began to appear everywhere, far from the walls of cinemas. There were also mobile games, the most famous and best by far the best is Milion Rush: Running Game. Strong position!

Bandicoot Crash: On The Run!

I’ve mentioned many times that infinite runners often rely on well-known licenses – which is also the case here. I’m sure all of you know Crash well. The popular Jamraj has also appeared in the world of endless runners and it must be admitted that, as in other genres, it works well here too. I definitely recommend it if you don’t have fun trying it.

Sonic Dash +

Next on the list is my favorite project in the genre – the one based on the Superfast Hedgehog phenomenon, Sonic. The regular version (with ads) is available for free on Android and iOS, and the Plus version can be found on Apple Arcade. And I guarantee that if you like the brand itself, and the additions in the form of expanding boards and unlocking new heroes excite you, you will not be bored.

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Subway Surfers

Finally, perhaps the greatest classic of all time is on this list. Anyone who hasn’t played Subway Surfers before?! Perhaps there are no such people – it is a game that has captured our smartphones and won the hearts of all fans of this type of game. I am tempted to say that a decade ago it was this title that caused us today to have many situations based on assumptions of infinite range.