Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential election and will therefore soon begin a second term as president. His survey results range from 57 to 58 percent. This means that her rival Marine Le Pen won by 41-42 percent. voices.

Macron: The French will become a great nation for the environment

After 5 years of transformation, in happy and difficult times, in times of extraordinary crisis, most of you have decided to entrust me with the leadership of our country for the next five years – Emmanuel Macron said in his address.

He continued that it was his “big victory, but also a huge challenge”. He also stated that the French had set up a “barrier in front of the extreme right”.

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I think of those who voted for Marine Le Pen […]Because from now on I am no longer a candidate for one camp, but the president of all. I understand many of our fellow countrymen who chose the far right today, their anger and opposition that led them to choose this project. I have to find an answer for them too. This is my responsibility – said the chief.

Le Pen: We have started a legislative battle

turn, navy During her post-election speech, Le Pen emphasized that she would not give up It will not relinquish its “obligations to France”. – This result confirmed is testimony to the great distrust of the French.

Perhaps the great winds of freedom have blown over the country. The French decided otherwise – said the politician. At the same time, she emphasized that the result was “a great victory in itself.”

It also obligated its voters to mobilize by saying: “We are starting a legislative battle.” She stressed that the National Union – her party – intends to achieve a good result in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for June 12 and 19.

The world congratulates Macron

Commentators say the election result shows that the French chose their country’s membership in the European Union. We wrote at money.pl that a possible victory for Marine Le Pen would shock society and change long-term policy directions. Emmanuel Macron emphasized his pro-European personality, among other things in the post-election rally – he went to his constituents to the sounds of the “Ode to Joy”.

At the same time, observers emphasize this The right-wing candidate has improved her score from 5 years ago. Then Marine Le Pen won by less than 34 percent. voices.

The congratulations were joined by the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “I sincerely congratulate Emmanuel Macron on his victory in the presidential election and his re-election. We have met several times in recent months and I am very happy that we will be able to continue the dialogue between Poland and France. Emmanuel Macron!” – wrote the president on Twitter.

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Every election is a celebration of democracy. Even after the hottest campaign, the time for hard work comes. Poland and France share many common challenges and interests. It’s time to work on it. The future of Europe is in our hands. Congratulations on your victoryEmmanuel Macron – this is the tweet of Mateusz Moraviki.