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Space, Suits, and Millions – Elon Musk

Last weekend, Jared Isakman and the three people he invited returned to Earth after spending three days in space. piece of ground Inspiration 4 – apart from tourism and research purposes – was of a charitable nature. In this way, private astronauts wanted to promote a fundraiser for the St. Judd, TN in United States of America.

Elon Musk transferred $50 million to the hospital

You can help the hospital through Buying souvenirs (such as the mascot that flew into space with the astronauts) or donate. He has now made the last choice on his own Elon Musk. And while he was bragging (and how) on Twitter, he transferred 50 million to the hospital dollar.

The goal of the entire campaign is to raise up to $200 million to support St. good. collected so far Approximately 161 million, of which as many as 100 million were paid by Jared Isaacman himself, billionaire, founder and president of Shift4 Payments.

Isaacman is also the creator of the Inspiration4 mission and at the same time the person who paid for both his trip to space and the other three people (the mission cost has not been disclosed). SpaceX, in turn, is responsible for its implementation, and its founder and head is none other than Elon Musk.

Members of the Inspiraton4 Special Expedition have returned to Earth come in. Inspiration4 via AP

The first amateur astronauts in many years to fly into orbit with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and inside the company’s Crew Dragon capsule. The company used its experience gained by sending astronauts on this flight NASA to the International Space Station. He’s been making these trips regularly for a year.

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