The move in recent days is the signing of KS stopper Jan Sobusinski for a three-and-a-half-year contract with … American team Charlotte FC, which will appear in MLS in 2022.

Therefore, Janek will continue to champion KS colors for the coming months. In the US, Sobociński will likely meet one of the world’s most prominent basketball players, Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets NBA basketball team.
Three notable horsemen in ód Ikizan paved the way for Lian Sobusinski across the ocean.

Stefan Zeffer

The first was Stefan Zeffer, who played for KS in 1966-1968. After leaving for the United States, such as the colors of Chicago Mustang and Chicago Sting, North American Football League. Use the name Steve Schaeffer. He did so well that he became a representative of the United States three times in 1973, including in two matches with Poland. Earlier, he played three matches for the Polish national team.

Stanislav Terlicki

One of the greatest talents in Polish football history, who was depressed by injuries, and harassed for supporting the opponent by UB, left łKS winger Stanisوافaw Terlicki for the USA in 1881, where he became a star in both open and indoor soccer. In New York, Cosmos scored 38 goals in 40 games, and at Golden Bay Earthquakes in 27 matches. Stasio showed great talent for the Pittsburgh Spirit indoor team. In 184 matches, he scored 150 goals. No wonder he has appeared in videos promoting the gameplay as one of their greatest personalities.

Grzegorz Ostalczyk

Stan was joined by his great friend, Grzegorz Ostalczyk, one of the best assistants at the time. It turned out to be simply wonderful … aide. In indoor games, he passes balls over Terlicke’s nose and these passes turn into goals. They both developed a unique way of playing for the board, pushing each opponent out of their way.