• Elizabeth II and Joe Biden met during the G7 summit
  • This is the first foreign visit of the President of the United States. In Great Britain, accompanied by representatives of the US administration and his wife Jill Biden
  • Under the King, there were already 14 presidents in the White House. The Queen met 13 of them – only Lyndon Johnson did not recognize her
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Meetings between representatives of the British monarchy and the American administration always stir emotions on both sides of the ocean. In recent months, travel has been severely limited due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, however, the situation has changed somewhat and World leaders were able to come in person to Britain for the G7 summit.

Of course, the new US president, Joe Biden, was among them. This is the Democrat’s first visit abroad. On this important trip, he is accompanied not only by representatives of the White House administration, but also by the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden.

Elizabeth II and Joe Biden met during the G7 summit

During his visit to the islands, Joe Biden not only participated in the talks organized as part of the G7 summit. Besides Jill Biden, he also met Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson. The First Lady of the United States also spoke with the representative of the British monarchy, Kate Middleton. They visited a school together and participated in a round table discussion on education.

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All this, however, was a prelude to what would happen at the upcoming G7 summit meeting. It was at that time that the historic meeting between Elizabeth II and Joe Biden was announced. The President of the United States was invited to Great Britain immediately after the announcement of the results of the American elections.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth II met at The Eden Project in Cornwall. According to the British press, the president was also invited to Windsor Castle, the current residence of the Queen (where the king resigned from Buckingham Palace during the pandemic). The first US president invited to Windsor was Ronald Reagan in 1982. At that time, famous photos of Elizabeth II and the American leader were taken while riding a horse.

So let’s check What was the meeting between Elizabeth II and Joe Biden?Who, like Jimmy Carter (who visited the Queen during the G7 summit), is just finishing his first official trip abroad.

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