May 21, 2021, 11:13

Elite: dangerous ?? Players didn’t like the Odyssey. Reviews on Steam show that production reception is definitely negative.


  • Elite: dangerous ?? Epic It collects negative reviews on Steam.
  • Players criticize the optimization, ubiquitous bugs and the interesting lack of hoarding.
  • At the same time, they think DLC will be fixed over time because it has great potential.

Elite: dangerous ?? Epic It was announced as an ambitious expansion that would completely change the way we have tested games from Frontier Developments so far. The expansion was supposed to allow us to leave the spacecraft cockpit and go down to Earth. Thanks to this, we will see the vastness of the universe from a different perspective. Except for this Epic It was about to introduce a lot of new mechanisms, missions and all kinds of fun to the game.

While we can assume that these assumptions are partially fulfilled, their implementation leaves much to be desired. This can be seen in the reviews of Steam users who did not leave a dry topic in the game. At the moment, it is mostly negative, and the accusations are mainly directed towards technical shortcomings and lack of appealing content.

I just went through a tutorial and the performance was very poor. I have 1060 6GB recommended and even with no other players in sight, the frame rate is around 40 at low settings without anti-aliasing and 30 with FXAA enabled (1080p). […] If you don’t have a high-end computer, I will wait for them to improve the game as it can hardly be played at the moment.

– Voita

Given the current technical condition of this add-on, I cannot recommend it, I recommend that you postpone the purchase until the game is fixed. Hope I can do that at some point ?? Change this review to positive, but unfortunately negative at this point. (Original spelling)


DLC disappointed me so much walking and using leg pose maybe 15 years ago would be fun but nowadays i was expecting something ?? More than wooden dolls. Very poor DLC implementation, disrupted playback of legacy components (map not working in missions). Instead, I recommend waiting for patches or the next release of this DLC. (Original spelling)

Religious 6

Despite the negative reviews, most guys also admit it Epic There is great potential. However, it will have to wait for it to be revealed. Fixing many issues can take a lot of work from developers. For now, perhaps the best description of DLC is an excerpt from a neuromancertx user’s opinion: ?? Is it worth buying? It’s worth it, but it’s not worth playing, at least until September. ??