Outside the windows are gray, dull and gloomy, so it’s time to clean up in the fall. So, if you find used batteries, fluorescent lights, cell phones, RTV or home appliances during your household chores, bring them to us and you will receive a booming return in return.

On September 23-25, 2021 Kasturama The regular event “Flowers for Electric Waves” will be held.

The purpose of the collection is to reduce the amount of WEEE in municipal landfills, thereby reducing its negative impact on the environment and increasing knowledge of the risks arising from improper management of WEEE.

What is electrical waste? Electrical waste is all defective and unused appliances that run on electricity or batteries, such as broken washing machines, refrigerators, phones, computers, desk lamps, as well as all electronic gadgets such as monitors, keyboards, and chargers.
Electrical waste contains toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, bromine compounds, lead and chromium. However, most of them can be reused to produce new devices. Therefore, electrical waste must be collected and recycled.

New for this year is the “Green for electrogrades” initiative, under which Castorama Polska will fund a green space designed in the spirit of biodiversity. The prize will be given to the town in which the store is located, which has managed to collect the largest amount of electrical waste. Castorama will allocate up to PLN 25,000 to renovate a jointly selected green space in your area. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the winning store and the local government.
Join our work, we are waiting for you at Cieszyn! 🙂

Campaign rules are available on the website www.castorama.pl.

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