Six months left until the presidential elections in France, but today we are witnessing an all-out battle. The conflict on the French political scene is especially visible on the right, where a lively debate is taking place over who should represent it in the elections – controversial columnist Eric Zemmour or Marine Le Pen.

Zemmour himself has not yet officially announced his decision to run for elections, but his activism in the context of the elections scheduled for April 2022 indicates that it will happen. Recent opinion polls may encourage the journalist to make such a decision, which puts him ahead of Marie Le Pen with a score of about 17 percent. About 16 percent will vote for the president of the National Union. voters.

If Zemmour decides to run in the next election, he will certainly be considered one of the most controversial candidates. Although the journalist emphasized his adherence to conservative values, this photo has recently become seriously flawed. What is going on?