Speed ​​racers close to the Elden Ring magical achievement barrier in just 5 minutes. The last record finished in under 7 minutes and looks pretty fun considering the amount of time it takes to pass that title under normal circumstances.

Distortion2 is another record-setter for completing the fastest Elden Ring, and this time the player decided to present his impressions very carefully. Youtuber confirms that during the game it runs the latest update, because it is the most stable version of From Software.

Elden’s Ring on such an adventure descends into patience, nerve control, and the ability to use the bug 13 times. – Bugs don’t always work perfectly, so in this case the game is all about repeating the game.

The task is difficult because the player must perform a combination of three keys (block, walk + W), and the longer he holds the last key, the more his hero can teleport. However, the problem is that the sprinter doesn’t really see how far he can go, so you have to feel the moment.

Distortion2 assures that this is not the end of the fun as a new way has been found to completely avoid bosses.

“I’m not done yet because we also have a new find that means we don’t have to fight bosses anymore. That’s thanks to the SeekerTV speedrunner aka ‘Megazip’.” This is done by doing a normal zip and pressing W to move forward again within 12-14 frames after the zip I. This nearly quadruples the speed, which increases the jump range.

We can use these megazeps to kill the Malekith and Elden monster. We don’t fully understand what’s going on behind the scenes, but we do think that when we move far enough away from the bosses arena, the platforms crash and the bosses start falling and dying. Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t be able to use it, because our character would die before the boss. This is due to the fall counter inherent in the Elden Ring, which will kill you after about 13 seconds of falling. However, by performing an attack in the air, we can reset this time, thanks to which we fall longer than the normal 13 seconds. This gives us enough time to soak long enough for the President to die in front of us.”

Watch the Elden Ring complete in 6 minutes 59 seconds.

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