Eden Ring It is one of the games that evokes great emotions among players. Are you hard to be surprised? Ultimately, the developers of FromSoftware studio are responsible for the title, which, among others, gave the world a great series Evil spiritsEqually successful Bloodborne rain Sekiro: Shadows die twice. A new Japanese production It was announced In June 2019, but we haven’t had a chance to see him in action. According to Jeff Group of the VentureBeat portal, It is a partial effect The last infusionThat forced the game’s creators to change their plans (The statement is taken from a podcast Show game clutter).

I am less confident (about disclosure Eden Ring In March – ed. ed.), and that’s because I think the leak might have mixed up a little. […] I think Bandai Namco is working hard now to figure out how to set the media message and try to fully understand how this leak happened … and only then will they return to the path that leads to the official announcement of the game? ? Jeff Group said.

The editor mentioned above believes it is in status quo The game pe³noprawny z Eden Ring We can only see it in JuneThat is, when big presentations and advertisements are commonplace.

There will be occasions to do so (show Eden Ring – Ed’s note). If they don’t want to do it themselves – and they can – but if they don’t, June is not far away. E3 is getting close. If I have to do what? List, then I would say that I expect it by E3 and not later ?? The reporter added.

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We remind you of that Eden Ring It is appearing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and consoles (although also premiere on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S seems certain).