From the last software site sold to other digital stores. As a result, we can confirm the positive information about the game – Bandai Namco will not disappoint and will prepare a Polish translation. Learn the details.

The Elden Ring was introduced in June. After the show quickly We got information about the match time and many other details, but the location was still somewhat unknown. When we talk about games from Japan, we can not always count on the development of, for example, subtitles, while in the case of the new title from Software Bandai Namco it will meet the expectations of many Polish enthusiasts of the genre.

The Elden Ring is now available on Steam and as shown Players can wait for translation in Polish:

The product card on the Valve platform also includes some details that were previously revealed – in the Elden Ring we will experience a giant world, we will fully customize the character and we will survive An epic drama born of legends., This is it A multi-layered story gradually unfolds . The asynchronous component of online play was mentioned as well.

Interestingly, there was a surprise in the PlayStation Store – in the English and Polish versions there was an annotation about PlayStation VR support. The signal is noticed quickly, but it could just be an error. So far, the developers have not talked about the issue of virtual reality.