Elden Ring went on sale in a far from perfect condition – primarily on PC, which explains the surprisingly low ratings at first for Steam users. FromSoftware is working hard to fix bugs in its latest game.

We just received another post-launch patch for Elden Ring. marked this time With code 1.02.2. The patch was released with PC and PS5 in mind (Xbox owners have to wait for their update to be released).

The most significant changes relate to the problematic version on gaming PCs. FromSoftware in the announcement released that the patch improves the use of graphics cards, which resulted in annoying animation jams on release day and with patch 1.02.1 (more on the issue here).

On PS5, the patch basically improves Elden Ring’s behavior when the game is closed. Our progress should now be saved correctly – even if we don’t use Exit to the main menu in the options.

Elden Ring – 1.02.2 patch changes (PC and PS5 only):


  • Fixed an issue where graphics cards were not used to the full potential, resulting in slow performance.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the game to quit while fighting a Fire Giant.
  • Other bugs have been fixed.


  • Changes have been made to save progress even if the game is not exited via the menu.

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