The latest software world is unforgiving of mistakes and can tire you out for hours, which isn’t necessarily suitable for some gamers who want to learn more about production on an easy level of difficulty. However, the authors of the Elden Ring follow the approved vision, which they do not plan to change, so we should not rely on easy mode.

Over the past week, players have been traveling the lands in between, facing off against bosses and foes. The challenging game earned the approval of reviewers and other recipients, which also translated into sales results – according to the latest report, the game is one of the greatest premieres of recent years in Great Britain.

However, desires and expectations had to live up to the possibilities. Elden Ring reached many customers, some of them were not prepared for a very high level of difficulty, and therefore there were requests and questions about Easy Mode – the least experienced in the genre, they can explore the huge world, if the clashes with rivals are not so tiring.

In a recent interview with the New Yorker editorial board, Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed it Don’t intend to cater to some clients – the creators want to present challenges that will bring satisfaction when we overcome them:

“I apologize to anyone who feels there is a lot to overcome in my games. I just want as many players as possible to experience the joy of overcoming difficulties. We are always striving to improve, but especially in our games, it is the difficulties that give meaning to the experience. So that is nothing We would like to give it up now. This is our identity.”

Elden Ring penetrated the consciousness of a wide audience, which is why productions are faced by players who did not spend hundreds of hours in the Dark Souls series, did not care about their bosses in Bloodborne or did not die in Sekiro. Most likely, they would like Easy Mode, which will allow them to explore the area more freely and enjoy the large open world – in the current conditions, comfortable exploration is limited.

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