Jastrzębski Węgiel volleyball players, who won the Polish championship last season, began preparations for next season on Monday. And according to the coach of the Italian team Andrea Gardini, it will not be easy to win the “golden medal” in the league again.

“I am really happy to be able to manage such a team as a coach. I will repeat what I said last season: winning the Polish championship is not easy. On the contrary – it is a very difficult task. The level of the league is growing every year and it will strike again next season. Many players Seniors, with a past in the league or juniors, so it will not be easy, but this does not mean that we will not win, ”- said the coach and quoted on the club’s official website.

14 players participated in the opening seasons, but only nine of them are Jastrzębie-Zdrój: Szymon Biniek, Dawid Dryja, Tomasz Fornal, Jurij Gladyr, Jakub Macyra, Jakub Popiwczak, Łukasz Wiśojniewski, Rafaed And .

In preparations for the new season, coach Giardini will not have at his disposal the national team, which will prepare for the September European Championship in the training camps of their countries (this applies to the French Benjamin Toniotti and Stephen Boyer of the Czech Jan Hadrava and Fin Eemi Tervaportti).

In their absence, Azer Toral Hasanli, Bartosz Krzyczyk, Stanislaw Warzenišić and students of the Talent Academy will train with the Polish champions.

Jastrzębski Węgiel will play his first league match on 2 October. Abroad, he plays against a team from Lublin (the new league winner). (PAP)

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Author: Rafał Czerkawski

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